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Big Brother Spoilers 9:30am Kitchen Jason and Cody
Cody - you and me should have been out of this game way f*ing early and we’re still here..
They laugh.
Cody - you know how much their shitting there pants right now..
Cody - holy sh1t Jessica won the HOH look at who can play next week, Alex, Jason, and I
Cody points out how poor the other side is at competitions.
Cody is worried if it’s a “chance” competition though.
Cody whispers to him he thought Josh was a outsider but now he’s realizing he’s just a puppet for the other side of the house
Cody - Kevin is still solid on your side?
Jason - yeah

Big Brother Spoilers
“Are you all going to be DUDS and let Paul run the show for Season 19, that’s your season”

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Cody - I’m just happy to see you. Jessica - I want to watch Kevin’s show and then come up here and go to sleep. Cody - when’s that? Jessica - 9pm. Jessica - lets go downstairs for a little bit, be social and do our due diligence. Cody - okay. Jessica - and then I’ll be yours for the rest of the night. Cody - f**k DEAL! Cody burps. Jessica - you realize when we’re in the outside world the romance comes back and this (his mouth) gets sown up. You’re getting a pass just because you’re on slop. Jessica - if you want to see me naked the burping and farting won’t be happening.

Big Bro ther Spoilers
Jessica “If you want to see me [email protected]*d the burping and farting won’t be happening”

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Results from the Friday Battle Back Episode. Four evicted houseguests compete in 3 competitions to come back into the Big Brother House They need to win 3 competitions to get BACK into the game. Cody studies the game.. . After winning the Battle Back they will compete against a Challenger. The house will vote a […]

Big Brother Spoilers
Big Brother 19 Spoilers BATTLE BACK EPISODE

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Cody was evicted as predicted but unlike the prediction the the vote was a little off. There was 3 votes thrown at Ramses and they were Christmas, Kevin and Jessica. The Big Surprise was Christmas, as we already knew Kevin was going to as he promised Paul on the feeds. For the houseguests having these 2 unknown votes caused all sorts of drama in the house as they houseguests work themselves in a knot trying to figure out the rogue votes.  The Head of Household Competition was a Spaceship themed wall endurance. Final 3 standing was Jason, Elena and Alex. Jason eventually falls off. It was amazing how well Jason did considering his size, historically the wall competition favours small light people. With Jason out is leaves Elena and Alex to make some deals. Elena offers a deal to Alex where Elena would drop if Alex would promise Elena protection for Elena and “Whoever else she wants safe” . Alex agrees, but later mentions how the “whoever else she wants Safe” is a bit vague and needs to be explained.

Big Brother Spoilers
Big Brother 19 Week 3 Summary and Live Eviction Results

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Every week we go through our list of Gifs and pick the juiciest 10 for your viewing pleasure. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

Typically Gifs always go to our Twitter accounts () and most times they make their way to our facebook.

This week there was some great ones..

  • Josh getting hot sauce thrown in his face by wreck it Ralph
  • Christmas working out like a beast with a cast
  • After all the Drama Josh still is gangster
  • And what collection wouldn’t be complete without someone trying to body slam Jessica nad her boob falls out.
  • Alex going complete beast mode during the Head of Household Wall Endurance

Big Brother Spoilers
Big Brother 19 Week 3 Top Animated Gifs

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Big Brother Spoilers 9:20am Friendship chat..
Paul - I say I trust Alex, Kevin and that’s pretty much it.. those are the only people I really talk game with
Paul - the other ones I trust but not really they have alternate agendas
Paul - I made Dominique the target.. we;; she kinda made herself the target i didn’t have to do anything. People did not like her
Paul - she thinks I betrayed her or backstabbed her, called me a snake to like 7 people in conversations.. I called her out on it and asked her why?
Paul - she didn’t have any answers to why I betrayed her or why I’m a snake and she didn’t give me any reasons in a room full of people
Paul - she’s been rude all weekend secluding herself

Big Brother Spoilers
“lets flip it and send Jessica home.. Like a switch a switcheroo” – Paul

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Raven tells Ramses - Matt is a really good kisser. Ramses - GOOD! OH MY GOD! (Meanwhile Ramses is blowing up a condom) Did you guys kiss in the bathroom? Raven - no. Ramses - because you guys came out like.. Raven - have you seen him?! Ramses - he’s… he’s … yeah! Raven - I get really flustered when I’m around him. Ramses - he’s gorgeous! Raven - his eye’s are so pretty. He’s so sweet. Raven talks about a very aggressive kiss. Ramses - but was it good? Raven - really good. I thought he would be a sweet kisser .. but he’s aggressive.

Big Brother Spoilers
Paul “If Jess sticks her finger in my @$$ one more time, I am going to make a scene of it.”

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Big Btother Spoilers 6:50pm Jason and Alex HOH
Alex is getting pissed at Jason for giving Ramses and Christmas too much information about Jessica.
Alex - we need a word for you to shut up..
Alex - you don’t want him (Ramses) to come back and say ‘jason said’
Alex - any piece of information small or Big is a HUGE thing..
Jason - Can we to get Christmas out, after Jessica
Alex - sure

Alex - it’s week 4 and you haven’t shut your mouth

Big Brother Spoilers
Alex to Jason – “we need a word for you to shut up”

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Big Brother Spoilers 3:45pm Dom reading the bible muttering to herself..
Dom - I can do Paul or I can win veto, I can take anybody and at least one other person goes home
Feeds cut
Dom - and Raven..
Dom - mark will be easy they will vote him out
Dom - The moment I put him on that block the true snake is going to come out… ummmhmmm.. the reptile.. the cool thing Is not only to I walk on cobras I step on snakes.. I step on them..
Dom - trampled.. I trample.. little to zero return in life.. ummmhmmmmm.. a Snake.. trample all over you..

Big Brother Spoilers
“ummmhmmm.. the reptile.. not only do I walk on cobras I step on snakes.. I step on them..”

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Big Brother Spoilers 1:49pm Alex and Jason HOH
Alex - I didn’t get the temptation.. who has it
Jason - Mark, Josh or Dominique

Jason says he’s liking hanging out with Paul now.
Alex says they have to play along with Paul so they can take a shot later. Alex says Paul is taking a certain group of people to the end.
Jason - why don’t we take a certain group of people to the end
Alex - I’m telling you right now if there is another America’s choice we aren’t going to win
Alex - and we haven’t played the game before and he has influence over every single player in this game.
Alex - everyone knows if they’ve seen his season that he has to rely on his friendship. (ZOMG!)

Big Brother Spoilers
“Everyone knows if they’ve seen his season that he has to rely on his friendship” – Alex

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Matt - I think the agenda is pretty much the same as last week. We just don’t want Jess or Ramses to win it. Its the exact same. Raven - yeah, because if its down to us 3, I don’t care who wins. If it comes down to Paul, you or me I don’t care who wins. Raven - I like when people underestimate me. Matt - yeah you want that. I want people to think I’m special needs. Raven - they do. Matt - I know, its perfect. Raven - Jessica thinks she’s so smart. I’ll throw your a$$ up. Alright black widow! Matt - you want people to underestimate you. Raven - Alex doesn’t. Matt - yeah but Alex is smart. Raven - Paul is doing a great job at talking to everybody.

Big Brother Spoilers
Raven “I like when people under estimate me” Matt “I want people to think I’m special needs”

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Big Brother Spoilers 4:41pm Paul, Matt and Raven
Raven - I talked to Christmas she wants Jessica out.
Paul says he does to Jessica was talking to Dom and god knows what Dom was telling her.
Paul - If I win HOH Jessica and Ramses are going up no questions asked
Matt’s good with that plan.
Raven again assuming she’s going to win the temptation.

Big Brother Spoilers
“I don’t know what it’s going to be yet but say I turn it down.. I didn’t want to curse anybody”

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Noon Big Brother Spoilers
Jason - I’ll win HOH … F* it..
Jason says he’s not sure how he feels about Christmas’ leg, no matter what she says I know she’s pissed at Jason.
Paul and Alex both tell him if Christmas wins the HOH he might be in trouble. “She hates you”

Jason saying if he wins HOH maybe he should use Christmas as his target.

Jason - I broke her leg and I put her on the block to try and kick her out
Alex - all is fair in Big Brother
Jason says last night he tried to talk to her but he gets bad vibes..

Jason brings up that nobody else in the house wants to take her out.

Big Brother Spoilers
“I broke her leg and I put her on the block to try and kick her out” – Jason

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8pm Backyard. Jason, Alex, Paul, Christmas and Kevin.
Jason says Josh is sleeping. Its because he crashed his own brain today. He overloaded it. Now he’s going to be like my family’s going to hate me because I over reacted. Alex - I wonder if the think he is right or if they’re like holy sh*t he’s losing his mind. You know what I mean, are they sitting there justifying it. Paul - I think he’s been babied his whole life and now that his mom isn’t here. Christmas - you can tell about how he puts his stuff away. Kevin - that’s the thing he doesn’t put his stuff away. Christmas - exactly.

Big Brother Spoilers
Elena “I told Mark to throw pickle juice & hot sauce in Josh’s face. I honestly thought it was funny.”

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